Welcome to Zane Zander's 1954 Corvette (Waldorf) Nomad Re-creation Website

The construction of our 1954 Corvette Nomad was started in late 1999 after many years of collecting information about the first Nomad. Photographs and stories regarding the Nomad were extremely helpful in being able to develop a plan to recreate this unique automobile in a hobbyist's home shop.

Throughout this construction project many talented hands, accompanied by brains and ingenuity, assisted the mature Nomad builders in striving toward their goal. I refer you to the acknowledgements page on this site.

Many aspects of the construction are covered in the pictures and accompanying narration on this site, as well.

I, and my trusty cohorts, are proud to bring our recreation of the 1954 Corvette Nomad, which in many circles is referred to as the Waldorf Nomad. It reflects over 7 years of personal hands-on and sleepless nights of thoughtful mental engineering, all fun of course.

Please do not ask me about the cost, for if I tell you, I will have to tell my wife.

-- Zane Zander

Zane Zander 2007
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